Link to your schedule with a QR code

QR codes, short for Quick Response codes, are a way to encode web links in a way so they can be easily scanned and opened on a mobile phone. They are a great way to allow the link to your schedule to appear in printed material, such as flyers, posters or business cards. Instead of having to type in the link, your users can scan the encoded graphic shown here and your SuperSaaS schedule will open on their phone.

If you scan the image above with your mobile phone it should open this URL:
This page can display the QR code that point to your SuperSaaS schedule if you log in.

You can copy this image to a document by right-clicking it with your mouse and selecting “Copy image”. That same menu also contains an option to store the QR code as a PNG graphics file. Next, you can insert or paste the image in the program that you are using to create the printed material.

On an iPhone you can scan a QR code by simply opening up the camera app and viewing the code through the camera. On an Android phone there is a QR scanner built into Google Screen search that you can enable. And for both phone types there are several QR scanning apps in the app store if you need more options.

You can change the link to add URL parameters which preselect a date or view upon loading your schedule. It’s also possible to change the size of the QR code to better match what you are working on. You can do that by opening this link to the QR code. Next, change the URL in the browser bar to add additional parameters and the QR code should update accordingly.